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The Texas A&M University Chapter of the AMS was founded in Fall 2014. The Objectives of the Chapter are the following:

  • To promote interactions among graduate students at Texas A&M University (TAMU), to share their interests and experiences in mathematics.
  • To contribute to a rich social life in the TAMU Mathematics department through cultural and scientific dialogue.
  • To provide an environment where graduate students at TAMU can practice their presentation skills as well as view the techniques of others.
  • To promote interactions with graduate students and faculty members outside of Texas A&M both by supporting travel to academic institutions and research institutions and by inviting visitors to Texas A&M.
  • To generate interest in participating in AMS sponsored activities.

We organize several events throughout the semester! Follow the links for more


Qualifying Exam Resources

Career Advice

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  • Q: How do I sign up for variable credit courses (Math 685/691)?
    A: First, you need to ask the faculty member who you will work with to agree. Then see Monique’s email and respond appropriately. On Howdy: if you go to register for classes, you can find the CRN of the course with your advisor. Then there’s a tab (the next one over) that says “enter CRNs” where you can actually register. Don’t forget to click submit in the bottom right corner! To change the number of hours, go to the “my record” tab of Howdy, click “change class/KINE options” which gives a “change class options” link.